I’ll be back!!

I got my haircut last week. Heather said she was going to get a drink at Starbucks. The salon clerk said “Ma’am, you’ll need to leave us you’re drivers license. We need to know there’s something you’ll want to come back for.”

I don’t enjoy haircuts. Ironically, I like the way it looks and feels afterward, but I guess it’s just the process that gets to me. Firstly, there are very few things interesting enough to me to cause me to wait. Plus, one of my seizure triggers is waiting for long periods of time. It can get ugly.

Now there’s an app for checking in on line! Just a very short wait to get in the chair. Turns out that even though the wait time has been all but eliminated, I still don’t like it. I know! The stylists all seem to be great and very nice, so what is it?

I think I figured it out! I hate the sound of the clippers, I don’t like bright lights and I hate the fact that even after a good shower, I still get those little pieces of hair that cause me to itch. Yep, that’s it. So all I need to do is convince them to remodel the shop so it’s not so bright and to start cutting my hair with a Flowbee. Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “I’ll be back!!

  1. The last time I went to a beautician/stylist was nearly 50 years ago. I trim mine to the best of my ability when it gets below my waist, and I clip my bangs (fringes) every few weeks when I begin to look like a shaggy dog. I don’t wait in lines, don’t like strangers touching me, and don’t like spending money on something I can do myself! What the barista said to Heather, making her leave her driving licence, was a low blow! I would have taken umbrage!

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    1. Jill, it’s very impressive that you cut your hair yourself. You don’t see much of that. Heather knew the barista, otherwise that conversation probably wouldn’t have happened. The fact that we knew her seem to make it funnier than it might’ve been otherwise.

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      1. Well, I’m not going to win any beauty contests with my self-cut hair … but then … I wouldn’t win any anyway! I care less about outward appearance than what’s inside. Ah, well that makes a difference! I figured there was more to it than a random crack by a stranger. Actually, sounds like something I might be guilty of saying, though not to a stranger.

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  2. There’s something about that Flowbee that reminds me of Mad’s Veeblefetzer, although they may not have been the first outfit to have used the word. Even so…
    I mean that guy with the mirror? Nothing goes right when you use a mirror, ’cause it’s a mirror image.

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