I’m not the enemy!!

They have those painting parties where groups of people pay twenty bucks and paint a picture according to instructions. I shake so bad that I was instantly taken down by Homeland Security for attempting to communicate with the enemy.

Those places are fun I guess, if you have a steady hand and can paint. I haven’t been able to complete any assignment which requires a steady hand for years now. I’m thankful for Heather and others who can help out with those sorts of things.

I attempted to put a new BBQ together last year. When I was finished, it looked exactly like a go-kart. I used the rotisserie motor to drive it around for a couple of months, but Heather insisted that I only use use it as a BBQ. I had to hire a couple of engineers to put it back together again. It looks like a Ferrari now but cooks an awesome ribeye!

I try to buy things pre-assembled now. It’s not as much fun but it actually does what it’s supposed to do. I put an HD antenna on the roof a few months ago and immediately began getting offers from the ‘dark web’, whatever that is. I figured it was one of those Nigerian scams and just ignored the six figure prices I was offered.

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