Give me my dough!!!

I’m really getting ticked off! Every time I try to get some money from my account, some guy named Ira tells the bank he’s going to take some of it for himself! I know! I’ve never even met the guy!

Let’s face it, finances can be difficult for most people. There are so many ways to invest our money and most of them are making other people money too, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a return on investment. You’re getting a piece of their money that they’re making on your money.

But when you try to take some out, they hit you with fees and penalties. I’m pretty sure Meyer Lansky pretty much did the same thing to his clients. Maybe this Ira guy is a distant relative, but smarter because of he the fact that he does it all legally. He takes a piece of the action with the Feds ok!

I think I’ll open a bank. ’Jerry’s Bank’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? People can open a ’Jer’ account and I’ll invest their money into organized crime. I’ll keep Lion’s share of the profits and give the bare minimum to the client. Now, I need to get about a billion dollars to start with. Go Fund Me here I come! Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Give me my dough!!!

  1. Dunno ’bout a Billion, but a million should be easy Jerry.
    Just set up a web site announcing you’ve found out that the Government is controlling peoples’ minds by putting nanobots in pizza and coffee, but you need contributions to fund deeper research.
    That should corner the wacko-market for you.

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