You said what???

The worst part about the protesters in Salt Lake City was the reporters ending their sentences with prepositions.

Believe it or not, that joke sparked a verbal war on my Facebook page. Someone was really offended because they took that to mean that I was somehow OK with what happened to George Floyd. I know!

As a comedian, I choose to deal with things that go on in the world with humor. That doesn’t mean that I’m desensitized to the events happening in the world today. Like most comedians, humor helps me deal with those things.

The verbal war turn to personal attacks in my direction, which was really too bad because we never had a chance to get to the root cause of the attack. Let me be clear, I am absolutely horrified regarding the treatment of George Floyd and I’m very happy that his attacker is now behind bars.

Please remember that comedians are a strange breed and deal with things using humor. Thank you for understanding.

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3 thoughts on “You said what???

  1. I’m sorry to read you got caught in the maelstrom.
    From your you know better than I do there can be long and very serious conversations about humour (I once witnessed on the BBC four comics get into a quite heated argument on the subject- I couldn’t make up my mind whether they were being serious or just having a laugh at our expense- I think it might have been the former).
    The other problem being Social Media.
    It is a place where folk are only too willing to take offence particularly when the social thermometer is in danger of erupting. And comics walk that fine line. It’s a courageous choice.
    I fear the days are gone in which everyone could see to funny side of Woody Allen’s comment: Not only is God dead, but you can’t get a dentist at the weekend.’ ”
    Take care.

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  2. As I value yours too Jerry, across the miles and through the cyber waves. Thank you for your kind words.
    Comedy? Dig it.
    It seems to me the problem is not with the comic but with their audience.
    ‘C’mon make me laugh. Right now, say the things I want to hear that I think are funny. Read my mind and my spirit,’
    A tough gig for a stand up comic on a stage in a place they’ve never been before in front of a bunch of folk they know nothing about.
    Sure some are easier than others….
    Like the British Edinburgh fringe. Stand up before your standard ‘fringe’ audience and as long as you are a male and telling jokes about the political establishment or…. ‘Americans’ (and inverted racism if ever there was), you’ve got it made, ’cause you know that’s what your audience wants to hear…Safe. Preaching to the converted. Like why bother turning up? Might as well set up screen connected to your laptop running your YouTube piece.
    But walking out onto that small stage where there’s nowhere to hide knowing the audience’s entertainment for the night is just as likely to be not to laugh at your jokes but snipe at you. Trying to work into them to get them to see the fun and humour. That’s a heavy task. How you guys do it I’ll never know.
    Small wonder vaudeville comics moved and talked fast. (I think I could have done slapstick if I’d have got my timing right).
    Take care now.
    And keep on keeping on.

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