You knucklehead!!!

A friend of mine wanted to sell his car but was having trouble because it had 250,000 miles on it. I hooked him up with a friend who could manipulate the computer to read 50,000. I asked him if he sold the car. He said, “I decided not to because it only has 50,000 miles on it.” Knucklehead.

Sometimes, just like in the movie ‘Forrest Gump’ stupid is as stupid does. For example, I live in Utah and the state just made it OK to practice bigamy and polygamy has been practiced here even before this land became a state. 

Granted, it isn’t the norm here, but there are a lot of polygamist families. bigamy now results in nothing more than a citation, like a traffic ticket. However, since it is being reduced from a felony, this government is essentially giving bigamy a stamp of approval.

Like this state needs to add to it’s ‘freak show’ status. Besides, I have no idea how someone handles more than one spouse. I mean, I’ve been married four times but not at the same time. That’s insane! Well see if it pans out. I already get the same response from most people when I tell them I’m from Utah. They say “really? How many wives do you have?” Ugh.

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4 thoughts on “You knucklehead!!!

  1. All of this begs a question, though. Men are always, eternally complaining about women, right? So … if we women drive men so nutso, then why in heck would any man want to have more than one of them??? Makes no sense.

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  2. All those birthdays and anniversaries to remember???
    That’s before we get around to the extra in-laws.
    And what happens if they gang up on you.
    I’d rather be back working for the UK version of the IRS again!

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