I can see clearly now…

The last time I went to get my eyes checked, I told the doctor that I thought my eyesight was getting worse. He the pointed out the window and said “What do you see?“ I said “I see the sun.“ He asked “How much further do you want to see???“

Going to the optometrist is a little more tricky these days. I’m not really sure I want my glasses made in an hour. Take your time, these are my eyes we’re talking about, not a pizza or my dry cleaning, which also doesn’t need to be ready in an hour.

That reminds me, whatever happened to those studios or kiosks in the supermarket that offered one hour photos? I’ll tell you what happened. They were killed by the modern day cell phone. sure, you can still get your photos printed at Walmart if you want or you can print them at home where they will be ready instantly. I’m not sure I want the knuckleheads at Walmart to be responsible for my cherished memories.

We have become a world that wants things now. We just don’t have the patience to wait for anything. I still remember the days when Dominos pizza promised your pizza would be delivered in 30 minutes or less or you wouldn’t have to pay. That didn’t last very long because they were too many delivery guys plowing into other cars and pedestrians who had no idea they were about to meet their demise because the frat boys at Delta Fi Cappa had to have their meat lover’s pie in 30 minutes.

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5 thoughts on “I can see clearly now…

  1. People shouldn’t be in a hurry to get things.
    There’s an old saying:
    ‘Bad news travels like wildfire’
    (OK, that’s my impression of an ‘Old Timer’ ’round a campfire in ‘The West’)……
    So glad you are back Jerry.
    The world needs Jerry.
    Take care my old friend.

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