I have to send them where???

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’ve often said that it is the worst day of the year for men. You have to get flowers, take her out to dinner, give her chocolates or her favorite treat. and there’s still no guarantee that you’ll get what you want.

Seriously, who wants to go out and wait in a restaurant for hours just to have dinner? I am fortunate in that Heather sincerely agrees with me. We always celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 15th. I don’t have to buy her flowers because our anniversary is on February 7 and the roses that I get her are still in great shape on Valentine’s Day.

The real question is where to send the flowers. The answer is always to her workplace. Why the workplace? To make the other ladies jealous. Don’t waste your time bringing some home. It just isn’t special enough unless other women get jealous because they didn’t get flowers. I know it sounds crazy but it is part of the female DNA.

It’s been my experience that it is better than going out to dinner on that crazy night. Going out on the 15th makes much more sense than trying to impress her by waiting hours upon hours to be seated no matter how fancy the restaurant is. I even read that the waffle house is always packed on Valentine’s Day. remember guys, a hungry woman is usually a cranky woman. Ergo your plan is ruined by the wait time. 

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4 thoughts on “I have to send them where???

  1. Sending flowers to a lady at work, will also get you disliked by other men who will get the ‘cold’ treatment for not sending flowers. Total strangers who normally would not ever think ill of you will mutter dark curses in your direction. If for no accountable reason a cup or mug falls on the floor spilling coffee on the best carpet it will be due to the psychic vibration of ill-thoughts.

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      1. Worry not. I have a solution…
        First like of defence: Outraged innocence
        ‘Can you believe that computer? I ordered a pizza delivery to our home and the system sends flowers to my wife at work! And I get stiffed for an extra $50…and can I get a refund…Ha!’
        People will believe that one.

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