‘Floordrobe’?? Are you kidding me???

I’ll admit that when I was a teenager, heck, a bachelor, my bedroom got quite messy. but in today’s world it seems to be perfectly acceptable for teenagers to have so many clothes on the floor that you can’t see the floor. Apparently it’s called ‘floordrobe’ where you select your outfit from the piles of clothing. I call it ‘Hoarders stars of tomorrow.’

A long time ago I used to have employees who would show up for work in shirts that were wrinkled beyond recognition and really didn’t smell very well either. I would send them home and tell them to come back After they had washed and dried their shirt. I didn’t give them the day off because that would be rewarding poor behavior.

Obviously these kids didn’t even use the ‘sniff test’ before choosing what to wear. Some of them had pet cats too and they reaked of litter box oder. My apologies to PETA for using the word pet. Apparently they think the word pet is a derogatory term. I know!

Sorry to change lanes so fast but I just remembered reading an article about it. They would prefer that we use the term Companion or giver of care. The word pet implies that we own the animal when in fact, they say we don’t. I can see their point with cats because I think they really own you.

Dogs, on the other hand, seem to always want to be with you. Cats come to you when ever they feel like it. When they want something, they seek you out. Cat lovers, don’t get mad, it’s just what I think. I also think the leaders of PETA have lost their minds.

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