It’s snowing cats and dogs!!!

It’s snowing pretty heavy outside this morning and it makes me wonder why the term ‘Cats and dogs’ is only used when it rains. We could use something similar that rhymes with cats and dogs. We could say it’s snowing ‘rats and frogs’. I feel very strongly about this.

Maybe the term is only used during heavy rain so people can utter that stupid phrase, ‘Don’t step in/on a poodle’.  The fact of the matter is snow is being disrespected and I don’t know why. Snow allows people to ski, snowboard, sled, have snowball fights and build snowmen. All fun things to do.

So why is it being disrespected by not having a term given when it’s really snowing like crazy outside. I keep saying that it’s snowing outside, which is kind of stupid because I’ve never seen it snow inside. My bad.

I’m simply being an advocate for snow and I don’t even ski or do any of the other activities that I mentioned. I just like the beauty of the snow after a really nice snowfall. Now if you don’t mind, I need to go outside and sweep off my satellite dish. it’s snowing like rats and frogs out there.

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