Punxsutawney Phil A Robot???

PETA is once again throwing a fit regarding the ceremony of Punxsutawney Phil to try to spare the groundhog from the stress it gets from the very short ceremony. Seriously?? They think that a robot should be used instead. That’s ridiculous. Everybody knows a robot cannot predict the weather.

Plus, Bill Murray and the gang would have to re-shoot groundhog day, the movie. They would also need to delete the scene where he drives the pick up truck which holds him and the groundhog over a cliff.  otherwise they could just replace him with another robot to predict the weather.

  • I think PETA is a good organization that does a great job of protecting animals of all kinds from harm but this is ridiculous. And this is not the first time they have protested the use of the groundhog. I think that if they really care about the groundhog they should pay for his therapy. Come on now, it makes just about as much sense as the robot replacement.
  • Plus, A different groundhog could be used each year so they would only have to go through one round of therapy each. What’s next? Eliminate the wood chukkers from the Geico commercial?
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  • 4 thoughts on “Punxsutawney Phil A Robot???

    1. GASP! A different groundhog each year, you say??? But … but … surely there is only one real & true Phil??? Why, without Phil, how would I know what sort of clothes to buy for the coming year? How would I know … where to plan my vacation, or when to plant my rutabagas??? 😱

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