I’m having triplets!!!

Pizza Hut just announced that they are going to give away over $1000 of free pizza, a $22,000 college fund, two free Super Bowl tickets to next year’s game to the couple that has the first set of twins after the kick off. Somewhere there’s a woman due on that date that is going to have triplets yelling, are you kidding me???

I wonder if I can talk Heather into faking she has twins on that day. there are fake babies out there that look very very real. Perhaps we could use a couple of those. We would have to file bogus paperwork of course and would probably end up getting sued by Pizza Hut, but hey $1000 in free pizza, 22 grand and tickets to the Super Bowl? I think I’ll roll those dice.

I wish more companies would do something like that. Maybe Mercedes-Benz could give away a car to one of the people who really want to go to the Super bowl. They could have one of those contests where they choose 10 people to keep their hand on the car as long as possible. Then the winner would be able to drive the car to Miami for the Super Bowl.

Sure, it would probably be vandalized during the game out of sheer envy, but that’s what insurance is for isn’t it? Especially if you have farmers insurance. They know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two.

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