It’s not a holiday???

I still can’t believe that Super Bowl Sunday is still not declared a national holiday. It’s the Super Bowl. It’s the only day named as super. Super Christmas? Nope. Super Christopher Columbus Day? Nope. We could actually have the holiday on Monday which makes sense because people are either hung over or exhausted.

Plus, all of the people who may not like the Super Bowl will now like it because of the holiday, the commercials and the halftime show. I think it would really bring the country together. It’s not just a football game anymore and the patriots are not playing this year so that’s an added bonus!

In fact we will never see Tom Brady play another Super Bowl, at least not in a patriot uniform. As petty as that might seem, it brings warmth to my heart. By all accounts he is a very nice man and arguably the best quarterback of all time. Some people might say a different name when asked about who the best quarterback of all time is. 

My vote goes to Cameron Roundy. You may have not heard of him, only because he plays peewee football for now. He’s also my nephew. That boy is amazing! He plays quarterback and also defense. I don’t see any quarterbacks in the NFL playing both sides of the ball. therefore Cameron Roundy gets my vote.

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