A frikin’ elephant!!!

One of my grand children was looking at a magazine and said to me, “Look grandpa, it’s a frikin’ elephant.” Stunned, I asked him what he said. He said it again, “It’s a frikin’ elephant!” I was about to scold him when I took a good look at the magazine article and sure enough he was right, the title read African elephant. 

It’s amazing how kids take everything so literally. It can really be adorable or very embarrassing. I have a friend who has a little boy and they were moving to another state. The boy asked his dad how they were going to get both cars to their new house.  my friend explained that mom and dad would each drive one, so not to worry about it.

His son said, “But what if we get separated?”He assured his son that they would each drive slowly so they wouldn’t get separated. His son said “But what if we somehow do become separated?” My friend said sarcastically, “Then I guess we’ll never see each other again.” The boy said, “Well in that case, I’m riding with mom.”

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