Cher is 102 years old???

Every time my wife and I watch a TV show, Heather always gets on her phone to check out how old the actors are. It’s a little game we play and it’s kind of fun. Last night I nailed it. I said Cher was 102.

Clearly she doesn’t look 102, but I always see the parts that have had work done.  hers has turned out very well, but there have been some unfortunate botched work done on quite a few falling stars.  in my opinion, I will list these celebrities.

Meg Ryan, Kenny Rogers, Helen hunt, Courtney Cox, and the list goes on. I’m not opposed to people getting work done, after all these folks are in show business where books are very important. Still, it’s refreshing to see someone like Sally Field, Jamie Curtis and others who refuse to have any work done. They simply rely on their talent and track records.

I’m seriously thinking about having some work done myself I wonder if they can give me a six pack and a face that closely resembles Brad Pitt? That would be cool. Or even make me look like I did in 1989. That would be cool too. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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