It was a weird weekend!!

While I was focusing my attention on the playoff games I was watching, the world went mad! Dina Lohan was arrested for drunk driving after she ‘T-Boned’ a car outside of an Outback Steak House. It’s a good thing she didn’t hit the guy outside of a proctologist’s office.

That’s only one of the strange things that took place over the weekend, and there’s another one that caught my attention. Frito Lay has come up with a brand new product based upon what I always considered annoying, Which is why I never eat them.

What is this crazy product you ask? Cheetle. So, what exactly is Cheetle? One of the things that Cheeto lovers seem to like is that gooey residue that ends up on your fingers and I mean all over your fingers. A friend of mine does a joke on stage that goes something like this, “When I eat Cheeto’s, I get that orange stuff all over my hands. So when the bag is empty I just rub my hands together and boom, another Chito.”

So why give this residue a name? Because this company is very smart. They are introducing popcorn covered with Cheetle. Do hard-core Cheeto Lovers will be able to get the residue in two products. They say the product will be available in a couple of months. Great, now we will be forced to watch even more people sucking on their fingers. Terrific.

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