Give me back my burger!!

An Arkansas guy named Keegan Byers called the police recently to report A robbery. Someone had stolen his extra cheese burger! I know! Who would do such a cowardly deed? The police said the man was extremely intoxicated. Byers said he bought two but only ate one before going to sleep. And oh, by the way he was sharing the room with another guy. Geez, I wonder what could’ve happened to that other burger.

Obviously either the roommate ate it or the drunk guy did. I highly doubt that a thief would break in the room not take any money not take any wallet but just the cheeseburger which was now cold from being on the night stand over night and probably not even safe to eat anyway.

I mean if you’re really hungry what do you do? Folllow the guy with the fast food in the bag, wait until he’s asleep, climb in through the window since he has no key to the door, and only take the cheese burger? Now money I can understand. If you take the guys walllets you could probably buy a bunch of cheese burgers.

Needless to say the police weren’t very happy with the drunk man’s story, because they had to write out an incident report and do more paperwork when they got back to the precinct. When that dude sobered up I hope he felt like a knucklehead. Now If you will excuse me, I’m going to go hang out at the local Jack–the-Box and see what I can score. 

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