I’m not that stupid!!!

I read online yesterday about a restaurant that charges $.38 for stupid questions. I know! One customer questioned the charge but they showed him the menu and it’s actually on their ‘sides’ section “Stupid questions $.38”. The guy paid for it.

How crazy is that? I love it! I wonder how many people get charged for that and never even notice. If I ever went there I would gladly pay $3.80 for 10 stupid questions. I would come up with the craziest questions ever asked. It would be fun.

I used to go to a delicatessen in downtown Los Angeles where the wait staff treated patrons like crap on purpose. It was awesome. When our Server came to the table and you still didn’t know what you wanted, she would insult you and do it very well. I loved that place.

I think if I had a restaurant, I would bring in a one-man band on a unicycle who was awful. I would send him around to every single table to play for them until they gave him money to go away. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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