It’s hump day

The best day of the week for me is Wednesday because I can always count on the camel to remind me that it’s hump day. Even if you’re in a bad mood because you still have to work two more days in the week, it’s awfully hard to remain in a bad mood when there’s a talking camel to cheer you up, even if he is a little obnoxious. Geico, I love your commercials.

I have written and produced a number of commercials but none can compare with those of Geico. A talking camel? Brilliant. The caveman actually became a short-lived television sitcom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a commercial that turned into a television series. That’s just how good they are.

And then there’s the talking gecko. I don’t know why they made him English, but it works. It works well because  he has become the official spokesperson for Geico. It must be kind of frustrating though, being the voice of the Gecko but never getting credit for it because no one can see you.

If I were playing part of the gecko, I think I would improvise a good deal of the part. That way, when I get fired, everyone will know who I am. Kind of like Gilbert Gottfried being the voice of the AFLAC duck. Granted he was fired because he made some remarks that had nothing to do with AFLAC but they fired him anyway. That’s showbiz!

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