Another grandbaby!!

Grand kids are God’s way of rewarding us for not killing our children. 

Yesterday, we were blessed by the birth of our ninth grandbaby. I know! Nine! We could not feel more blessed. Let’s see if that makes Katie, Boaz, Titus, Isaac, Logan, Abby, Lizzie, Hannah, and now Rebekah! Plus our god daughter is having a baby next month!

How fortunate are we? Plus, they are all healthy and happy kids, which obviously is the best part. So now, since our kids live in Mississippi and Georgia, we’re trying to put together a plan to move out that way so we can see them a lot.

It’s also a great deal of fun buying Christmas and birthday presents. Plus, since I buy them on Amazon, I don’t have to wrap them. Heh, heh, heh. Fortunately, my son loves to wrap presents. He always has so it doesn’t add a burden to his already crazy life. I’m not sure how my daughter feels about it but she hasn’t complained so I’m gonna keep doing it.

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