And the verdict is…

I think jurors in murder cases should be chosen based on their astrology signs. That way they could come up with jurors who think similarly and eliminate so many hung jury mistrials.

Sure, there would certainly still be some innocent people sent to prison, I don’t know a way to eliminate that problem, except maybe charges being filed against police and prosecutors who withhold evidence. I think that happens far too often.

I’m an expert because I watch Dateline 20/20 and 48 Hours. In fact, I have watched so many episodes that I should be made an honorary defense attorney. Who cares about passing the bar? The real test is in the pretrial investigations and strategies. I think I will write the producers of all three shows and see if they will vouch for me.

It really is rather frustrating when you watch some of the shows only to discover that the prosecution and the police have either botched the investigation at the crime scene or didn’t interview obvious persons of interest because they already think they know who committed the crime. So all that evidence collected point directly at that person so the prosecutor can make another notch on his or her desk.

Also, for jury selection, I think all potential jurors should be placed in groups and play the board game ‘Clue’. The winners make it to the final jury pool. If only I was in charge…

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