See you next year!

There are always people who think it’s funny when they say, “see you next year” on New Year’s Eve. It drives me crazy. And they laugh like it’s the first time it’s ever been said. Since this is mostly done in offices, I think it would be fitting to give that person’s computer a nasty virus.

These are the same people who always say, “working hard or hardly working?” They laugh at themselves every time and people laugh back. This kind of stuff makes me crazy. So what is that say about me? I think my low tolerance for this sort of behavior is along the lines of bee stings. When your body can’t take anymore of the venom, you have anaphylactic shock when you next are stung.

There are more! “how are you doing?” “can’t complain. Nobody would listen if I did.” People do this sort of thing almost every single day, and the person that they say it to laughs every single day. I think you should be able to throat punch anyone who says these ridiculous things.

There are more. Lots more. “How are you doing?” “Same stuff, different day.” Why not spice it up a little bit? People ask me how I’m doing all the time and I say, “it’s Groundhog Day.” And I never laugh after I say it because it’s not really funny. So if you are one of those people who say these ridiculous things you probably hate this blog. That’s OK. At least it’s not the same old same old.

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