It’s not juicy!!!

If I hear one more weather person using the terms juicy and toasty, I’m going to go insane. Most of you already know that ship has sailed but if it’s possible to go even more insane, the meteorologists will push me over the ledge.

I know it’s trivial and I don’t have to watch weather reports, but they are kind of like train wrecks in that I can’t help but watch. The problem is I’m not watching for the weather report, I watch to see and hear ridiculous things either come on the screen or out of their mouths.

Weather people are kind of like prognosticators, like the groundhog. They are also sort of prophets of the sky. I think they should be judged on how well they predict the correct weather. They spend half of their report telling us what already happened and the remaining portion on what’s going to happen. So what should happen if they’re wrong?

If they miss the forecast more than two days in a row they should be fired. I know that sounds harsh but people make or cancel their plans based largely on weather as predicted by the meteorologists. Each time they miss but not more than two days they should be docked some pay. Seriously, who needs a weather person if they’re usually wrong? The real question is why do I have such ambivalence toward weather people? excellent. I needed something new to talk to my shrink about this week.

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7 thoughts on “It’s not juicy!!!

  1. ‘Juicy and toasty’??????????……Oh no! That will find it’s way across to the UK in due course……
    Can’t we just have MAD’s Alfred E Newman and after the forecast….’What? Me Worry’, at least there is some wisdom and dignity in comparison….

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  2. “Juicy and toasty”??? I’ve never heard that one! Last night, however, I got no less than 4 “weather alerts” on my phone telling me that it would be windy. Made sure all the devices had a full charge before going to bed, a flashlight by every bed in the house, and the lights did flicker … once … for less than a half second. 70% chance of rain today … nary a drop fell. Sunny, with light clouds on Sunday … it poured rain all day long. Sigh.

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      1. Apparently nobody. Actually, I think Mother Nature just likes to mess with them, so when they make a prediction, Mother Nature says, “Oh yeah … well, we’ll just see about that … bring on the thunder!”

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