The crustaceans are coming!!!

If I were an ocean creature, I think I would choose to be a shark. we’ve all seen episodes of the TV show where they catch all of the crab. But very few sharks are caught, only the stupid ones. I would always check for hooks before I bite anything. I would also like to be featured during shark week and on the TV show shark tank.

And by shark, I mean a really big one so no one would ever mess with me. There are a lot of choices, perhaps a seahorse or a barnacle. At least with the barnacle I can catch a ride on a whale. They travel a long way which would be difficult for a barnacle. I don’t even know barnacles have feet or fins.

I certainly would not want to be any creature that ends up in some sushi place. I know they serve a lot of different sea creatures, including sharks, but I think I could really outsmart most anyone who tries to catch me.

I would have a superpower which would allow me to disguise myself on the ocean floor like a Chamaeleon does on the land. There are other sea creatures who can do things to make them blend. I’m fully aware that sharks do you not have that ability But this is my story and I’m going to be a shark who can blend. Thank you, the end.

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