How much does air cost???

My wife gave me an air fryer for Christmas. I don’t know what fried air tastes like, but it’s free and everybody is talking about these gadgets so apparently it’s delicious!

I have yet to use it, but you can cook just about anything that will fit inside. You could probably cook meth in it too, but then everything else you cook would taste funny and get you high.

They say that there is no grease on the food when cooked in the machine. If that’s the case, I should be able to eat all of the fried foods I want and stop taking Lipitor! I know! It’s a Christmas miracle!

I think you can even dry out foods in the machine, so I can probably cook a meatloaf that would be as dry as my mother in law makes. Then again, why would I want to do that? Why duplicate something that you nearly choke to death getting down? I’m, I just remembered that she has started reading my blog… Anyone know how I can get a new identity?

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