My house is in foreclosure!!

I’m curious, if you take a gingerbread house from the store without paying for it can they foreclose on it? I’m asking for a friend.

Last night we had two of our God children over for dinner and making gingerbread houses. I was wondering how fun that might be, since I had never made one as a kid. They turned out pretty well, although mine ended up with just a few pieces of candy on the rooftop.

My hands were shaking worse than a paint mixer at Home Depot. I’m not kidding you. You have to use one of those frosting squeezers like they use for cakes and make intricate little patterns all over the house and you also have to use the icing for decoration and putting Candy on the outside.

I don’t see the point. These were sort of prefab so they weren’t really put together by graham crackers and the candy is really not good but I guess they look cool, there’s no down payment and it comes with its own cardboard plot. I feel a new tradition coming on. As for me, I can always coach those that are building one. You know what they say, those that can’t, teach. And I’m not talking about school teachers. They are the salt of the earth. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must return to my hobby. I’m sculpting a sort of Picasso style ashtray.

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