I’m in a gang!!

Last week I went to the local senior center only to be accosted by a group of people who demanded that I join their gang or face certain death. I know! But I must say, they were very convincing. They made me choose a street name so I went with Madison Avenue.

This gang is really a tough one. Just for fun, they kick the bottom of some of the residence’ Canes and walkers. I saw one of them slash a tire on someone’s jazzy. Now that’s just mean. Sometimes they sneak into the rooms and steal Jell-O. that’s totally uncool and just plain mean.

Obviously I’m kidding. They didn’t force me to join the gang, I joined of my own free will. I don’t get to have much fun these days so as long as no one gets hurt I don’t see the harm. Actually, I’m being forced to type the first part of this paragraph or they would block me from going to the foot clinic once a month. When you have feet like mine, that’s a really big deal.

All kidding aside, elderly abuse happens more often than we might realize. some of the abusers are staff members at nursing homes, senior centers, and assisted living facilities. most of the caretakers are wonderfully incredible people who give of themselves and respect their elderly friends. Please, if you even suspect that an elderly person might suffer from abuse, immediately call the police. Just don’t mention my street name.

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