Smoke, Smoke, Smoke!!!

When you cook a rack of ribs in your smoker, they should fall off the bone. That was not the case yesterday the only way I was gonna get meat off of those bones was if I was using a hammer and a chisel.

Remember the turkey scene in Christmas vacation? Yeah, these ribs were kind of like that. I swear I followed directions for the recipe exactly and we were expecting to have a great dinner. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. So, instead we had lean cuisines

It’s most unfortunate that they can’t find a way to stuff a big rack of ribs in that little box. Wait a minute, I think I just invented a winner! You open the box and put the plastic tray in the microwave oven, Then add a quarter cup of water. Two minutes later you have a beautiful rack of ribs, ribeye steak, or even a nice roast.

The really cool thing is it would all be under 300 calories. we all know that all lean cuisines never exceed 300 calories. I know I’m talking crazy. I really need to get this smoker thing under control,

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