Coffee is good for me???

It used to be said that coffee was bad for your health. That has all changed now and we’re told that it is actually very good for you which is great because I love the stuff. What could be better? it makes you jittery and gives you a very bad breath. Perfect!

I remember the days when we were told that eggs were bad for you. That they increased your cholesterol to dangerous levels. Chicken  ranchers were very upset because it really took a toll on their business. So  along came products like egg beaters which had very little or no cholesterol. Then we were told that eggs were very good for you.

Red wine is in the same category. In recent years, we’ve been told that one glass of red wine nightly is very good for your heart. Heck, if it’s that good for your health I’m going to start drinking 17 glasses every night.  my heart will be fantastic! But my liver? Not so much.

Diet drinks Are supposed to be excessively bad for you. I happen to agree with that because it causes excess uric acid in the body and can cause gout, which I currently have. I don’t know if you ever had gout before, but it feels like your foot is broken. Now there’s the impossible burger which is a plant-based replacement for hamburger in the form of patties. It looks the same as me and taste the same as meat. I love it! And I will keep eating it until I’m told that it’s not good for you. It’s coming so I eat lots of them. Sweet health insurance!

Click this link only if you need a good laugh to start your day!

8 thoughts on “Coffee is good for me???

  1. WHAT???? Coffee give you bad breath??? No wonder I cannot keep a man! Here I thought it was my outspoken, opinionated persona, but it was the coffee all along! Of course eggs are good for you … eggs, along with peanut butter, are the only two sources of protein that actually taste good! There is a conspiracy afoot to keep us from partaking of the foods that are good for us and that we like, and direct us toward the most obnoxious foods, such as kale and Brussels sprouts! Meanwhile, gimme my 🍷, my ☕, and my 🚬, and I should be fine.

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