Bad Break!!!

We recently started watching the TV series Breaking bad. The wardrobe department had it pretty easy with Bryan Cranston. He spent at least 75% of the time in his tightly whiteys. It makes me wonder if the dude just doesn’t like wearing pants. I don’t either, but at least I wear boxers.

We really love the show even though it can be very graphic. We laugh at things that we shouldn’t be laughing at because it shouldn’t be funny, but it is. It’s kind of like watching Pulp fiction or Fargo. Shouldn’t be laughing, but we just can’t help ourselves, after all it’s just television, right? Please tell me it’s just television and that I have nothing to fear.

We always seem to laugh at things that we shouldn’t find funny. Kind of like carrot top, the comedian. I, along with most comedians that I know don’t think he is funny. But just like Gallagher people flock to his shows to see him perform.

Oh well, he probably doesn’t like my act either. I think my act is funny, but he probably doesn’t. As far as Gallagher is concerned, who can’t squash a watermelon with a big hammer? At least when I perform people through fruits and vegetables and me, which I think is much more funny. I think I’m going to go to Las Vegas, and start squishing tomatoes and raw eggs on my head. I should be an instant success.

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9 thoughts on “Bad Break!!!

  1. Humour?
    Who can figure?
    You can sit through something everyone else raves about and not feel a glimmer. One you thought funny years ago you can watch and think ‘Did I find that funny then?’ And some just do not grow old.
    And we all have these secret little places where we go from a giggle or a snigger, but wouldn’t dare mention in public.
    Maybe the vaudeville guys and girls had it just. Get out there and sock them in the funny bone.
    PS: I’d never heard of Gallagher (US/UK- Atlantic big divide yeah?) I watched You Tube….Naah didn’t do anything for me either, felt a bit….’forced’ like someone trying to be a comic…that big couch thing…saw those props coming a mile off

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      1. Thanks Jerry.
        Here’s another thought I had while straining tea-bags (as you do).
        I love Good Parody not the nasty spiteful stuff which across as ‘Huh I didn’t think of it so I’m gonna mock it’ but the ones which pick holes in works thought so serious.
        Naturally MAD magazine springs to mind. Back in the early 70s when it dared to take on films critics worshipped.
        “Five Easy Pieces” became “Five Easy Pages”.
        There’s a road scene with cameos by:
        1. Midnight Cowboy (John Voight ‘I looking for love’ Dustin Hoffman ‘I’m looking for significance’)
        2. Easy Rider: (Peter Fonda: ‘We’re looking for America ‘)
        And one of the characters points to Bob Hope and Bing Crosby (with golf club) saying ‘Hey. What are you guys doing here?’
        To which Hope replies..
        ‘Listen kid, who did you think started these Drop Out and Hit The Road pictures?’
        Nearly 50 years on and that one has not growing old.
        An American professor of English Richard Armour wrote several humorous books based on his experiences of studying English and the errors his students made. I am certain if anyone reads ‘Classics Reclassified’ they will never take such as ‘Scarlet Letter’ ‘Moby Dick’ or ‘David Copperfield’ as seriously as they ought to.

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  2. I’m still trying to figure out why anybody would want to smash a 🍉 with a 🔨. Unless, of course, somebody had painted a picture of a certain faux-president on the watermelon. They I would smash it. Hmmm … I must ponder on this … 🤔

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