End of story!!!

Ya’ll know that certain words and phrases turn me into a crazed lunatic which isn’t too far off a stretch. Today’s phrase is “end of story”. Although it is a classic way to end an argument, I think it only works for women. “Whatever” is also a good one. my dad had the best one. If we were bantering back-and-forth about a certain product or service he would end every argument with “well that’s what the pros use”.

I despise “end of story” because it leaves you with nothing to say. It’s usually a wife, husband or boss at work who uses that phrase the most. I used to have a boss who would say that all of the time. One time though, when he said that I said “So in conclusion, I’m right and you’re wrong.”

As you might imagine, he was pretty upset that I trumped his phrase because even though the story is over there is almost always a conclusion. he was almost as angry as Alec Baldwin with the paparazzi. I never got good reviews after that. It was time to move on, and he smiled when I gave him my notice and said, yeah you got it “end of story”. Well played boss man, well played indeed.

I think I’m going to start my own ridiculous phrases. Why not? They will be passed down throughout generations. I’m just kind of thinking out loud right now, but how about “Oh yeah? Well you are a sissy.” or maybe, “your fly is open”. I’m sure I’ll think of a lot more and you might think it’s a waste of time but I don’t. End of story.

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