Let The Festivities Begin!!

Well, Thanksgiving is over. Now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. I’m proud of myself for not getting stuffed yesterday. Instead, the turkey got stuffed.

I ate a little bit of everything which of course is still a bigger meal then I normally eat so I was full. So today, to offset the increase in calories, I will go to the gym and complete a four hour work out.

I’ll do 300 push ups, 100 burpees, 150 pull-ups and three sit ups. Sit ups are hard.  Who am I kidding? through my insurance plan I am a member at six different gyms. Do I go? Absolutely not. First of all I can no longer drive so that is a great excuse. The real question is would I go if I could? Er, um, yeah, sure I would go.

It’s kind of ridiculous to even try right now because I’ll be eating left overs for a couple of months.  i’m not sure how good sweet potato casserole is after two months, but if I suddenly stop writing these blogs, you’ll know why. They might even tape a 48 Hours episode about my mysterious demise. That would be really cool! Except for the fact that I would be dead. I think I need to re-think my plan.

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