I Hate Chasing Money!!!

My doctor gave me six months to live. When I couldn’t pay, he gave me six more months. ~ Henny Youngman

I have recently started to manage Heather’s comedy careeer. She did a show recently and since it was a benefit, we offered to do it for free. The guy called and demanded that we except money for the performance. I sent him an invoice and waited patiently, then impatiently after my emails began to be ignored. We finally got the check yesterday, a full month after the show.

It’s not totally rare to get stiffed by someone who booked you for a gig. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it drives me crazy. If someone hires someone to entertain at their event, the performer should be paid the night of the performance.

I’ve been stiffed a few times, but that’s not too bad considering the number of shows I’ve done. I once performed in a synagogue, which was quite unusual but a lot of fun. All of the comedians were given a check by the promoter and every single one of them bounced. We could never get her to pay, so we just decided to let it go. I hate chasing money.

Another time I had been booked for two Christmas parties on the same night. Heather was supposed to perform with me but she couldn’t get out from our house because the highway was closed. Unfortunately there were several fatal accidents and it was going to be many hours before it was cleared out. 

I made it to the first show and did an hour of stand up. When I was ready to leave to get to the other show the guy only paid me half of what he was supposed to because Heather was also booked. I explained the circumstances but he was livid because he said he paid for two comedians. He did not. He paid for 45 minutes of comedy and he got an hour. I couldn’t stay and argue with him because I needed to get to the other show. Well, as they say, that’s showbiz.

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One thought on “I Hate Chasing Money!!!

  1. Classic Henny Youngman.
    Why do managers of venues try and do that? It’s like theft.
    ‘Back in the day’ British rock bands starting out and getting wise would eventually adopt the tactic of sending the largest most intimidating member (or two) of the band to ask for ‘the money’.

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