I Can’t Back Up!!!

Yesterday my wife and I decided to swap cell phones. Mine was larger than hers, being an iPhone 8 S and hers being an iPhone X. it was easy to switch the Sim cards but during the back up and restore process I was as confused as Kanye West searching for an identity.

The whole process was really quite frightening because if I messed up Heather’s phone I would pay for it for many years. Four or five years ago, I decided I was such a computer wiz that I partitioned the drives on my desktop computer. The end result was not good. Oh the computer work fine but I inadvertently  deleted some pictures that she was very partial to. I still hear about it from time to time.

So this transition of cell phones needed to be perfect. No missing apps, no missing pictures or music, the same wallpaper, everything. it was complicated and very stressful but I did it! Is there some certifications I get now that will allow me to get a job working on computers at NASA?

The stressor is, as easy as it is to back up the phones, you have to have blind faith that the restore process will work to perfection. I performed these tasks in my office with the door closed and the window open, just in case. I also had an altered passport, drivers license and $10,000 in cash. If it didn’t work I was going to leave the country using the alias of Bernard P Farquhar just for my own safety. Fortunately everything worked out just fine.

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