Why Do I Have To Pay???

A few days ago someone said to me that it’s time to pay the fiddler. What the heck does that mean? Do the majority of people ever really hire a fiddler? That makes no sense. Now if he had said pay the harpist, that makes sense because most of us hire harpists now and then.

You all know by now that these crazy phrases drive me nuts. Where do they come from and why are they still used today? I’m sure there was a good reason for using it sometime, just not in today’s day and age. I also heard Johnny Cash singing “it’s time to pay the fiddler and today’s the day the first installment’s due.” Would a fiddler be so expensive that I would have to pay in installments? That’s just nuts.

I guess if you’re into western dancing such as line dancing or square dancing you might need a fiddler. Also the country group Alabama says “if you’re going to play In Texas you got to have a fiddler in the band.” that makes sense because Alabama is a country western band. So of course they need a fiddler but I’m sure they pay the guy or gal on a regular basis.

Maybe that is why they have to pay the fiddler in installments in the form of regular paychecks. I would really like to believe it’s that simple but I know that’s not really what it means. I’m going to have to do some research on this phrase and find out how it started and what it means. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to hire a flautist for my nephew’s birthday party.

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