It’s A Brand New Car!!

These black Friday commercials from auto dealerships really crack me up. I know there are some but seriously, who gets a car for Christmas?

So many of the stores have been advertising black Friday deals for weeks. The reason it is called Black Friday is because that is the day that many retailers move their ledgers from red to black. The holiday season is obviously more profitable than other times in the year.

As a result, black Friday has been ruined. Sure, the retailers will have door buster deals, but especially in electronics stores, there will be lots of people who will flood the doors just for those items. If the sales staff cannot get the customer to buy an extended service policy or profitable add ons, there will be no such thing as a real Black Friday.

I think I’m going to have my black Friday yard sale. Sure, it might be freezing cold I run the risk of losing a finger or two but they would definitely be door buster items and hopefully that will put my ledger from red to black. Now I need to figure out the crowd control issues. I wouldn’t want anyone getting trampled to buy my two dollar toaster.

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