I Can’t Breathe!!!

The worst job I ever had was working on the Paramount Studio lot. I and three other guys were commissioned to remove the insulation off of three giant boilers. There are no windows in that place a and we weren’t given masks to wear And it turns out it was all asbestos, which we breathed in for three days. i’m hoping to come down with Mesothelioma so I can sue them.

I think the second worst job I’ve had was being a dishwasher at a local restaurant where my brother, Jim worked. He was very very fast at the job and they absolutely loved him. Not so much for me. It was such a mundane  job that my imagination would be far away from the restaurant. Therefore I was slower, much slower than my brother. I finally quit because there were rumors that I was going to get fired.

The best job I’ve ever had was being a trainer. In the 80s I was a trainer for circuit city and that was an absolute blast. Lotta hard work and a lot of traveling but I loved it. And then I started training people the art of Stand-up Comedy, improv. I even had classes for kids. Mind you, it was much harder to teach the kids because after all it’s hard to teach a goat anything.

Jerry Mabbott’s Comedy Workshop

Jerry Mabbott’s Comedy Workshops

I still do some training but mostly One on one sessions. I can do that and not have a problem with seizures. I really love to train fledgling standup comics. I really enjoyed watching them perform using the techniques that I taught them. It could be really a daunting task to get up there when you know you’re not really good yet but so far Hundreds of my students have done just that. That really warms my heart.

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