I Can’t Find My Phones!!!

I think the only thing aside from my wife I absolutely could not live without is my cell phone.  I think many people are that way. For example, last week I couldn’t find it so I had to take drastic action. I stole my neighbors phone. Now he’ll probably pay it forward and steal someone else’s phone. See, my actions weren’t bad, in fact I created a new pay it forward movement in reverse. You’re welcome.

I know I’m not alone in this because everyone I know that leaves their house forgetting to take their phone with them will turn the car around and go home to get it. I’m not judging anyone because I am one of you. And the reason is simple. They’re not just telephones anymore. They have amazing features that I love.

In fact I am speaking this blog into my phone and it works so well. It’s a mini laptop. I say a laptop but the truth is, it should be called a pocket computer that can make and receive phone calls. If I were creating a new phone I would add what I consider a critical new feature. Since it’s in your pocket anyway it should be able to alert you if your fly is open.

Since the phone is able to scan and save documents, it should also automatically do your taxes, divorce decrees, last will and testament, and automatic prank calls. That would be cool. Let’s see, to get started, all I need to do is open the back of the phone, being careful not to touch the

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4 thoughts on “I Can’t Find My Phones!!!

  1. I must be a freak! I actually intentionally leave my phone home when I go out with the family, for I hate seeing people dining out together, each of them paying attention to their phones while ignoring their family or friends. I saw a man having his “daddy weekend” with his son at Red Robin the other day, and son was playing on his handheld game, while ‘dad’ was playing on his big-people toy, his phone. Not once did I see them converse with each other! So, what’s the verdict, Jerry? Am I a fr … oh, wait a minute, I just got a message on my phone … be right back …

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      1. Being funny was my goal there! In many ways, I’m as ‘attached at the hip’ to my phone as any. I even wake in the middle of the night and check it for ‘breaking news’, of see if there’s an ‘urgent’ email! Hopeless.

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