Someone Took My Mail!!!

Last Saturday I put a walkie-talkie in my mailbox and waited for the mail delivery person. As soon as he started to open the door to the mailbox, I yelled very loudly “hang on a second, I’m still getting dressed. “ I don’t think I’m going to be getting very much mail any more. 

There are all kinds of really weird random things that you can say to people and have a lot of fun. The next time you run in a crowded elevator say, “I guess you wonder why I called you all here today.”

I was born as a baby.

Or how about putting a small desk in the back of the elevator and sit down behind it. Then when the doors open and someone wants to get on you can ask them if they have an appointment. People freak out on elevators anyway everyone just stands there looking up at the display showing which floor you’re on.

Or how about driving on the freeway by yourself and when you pass cars pull up a cardboard sign that says “help me, I’m being held captive, and then speed off. Oh, a word of caution, don’t do it to cops. I’m not sure they would think it is very funny. Ah what the heck, Do it anyway. Do you something funny and out of the ordinary today. You will have a great day.

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3 thoughts on “Someone Took My Mail!!!

  1. I love the elevator ones.
    Recently a fellow in the UK had his family place a cassette & recorder in his coffin. The tape playing ‘Help! Let me out!’ They agreed to it because it was a fond tribute to his sense of humour. Everyone got the joke and the sentiment.

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