You Named Me What???

I hate my middle name. Despise it, absolutely repulsed by it. Why? Because my parents gave me the middle name of Eldon. You read correctly, Eldon! Seriously? With all of the name choices available, that’s the best they could come up with? I would have preferred something better, like Bernard.

Naming the kid should never be taken lightly. Parents need to think it all the way through, do you think they will really like the name? Will they be made fun of at school? Will it serve them well down the road in adulthood? Sometimes people name their kids to be funny. And some of them are.

We have really good friends whose children have the last name of Carr. One of the girls is named Allyse, another named Anita. I think that’s cool because people have to really think about it to get the joke. They love it.

I have known someone named Christmas Carol Johnson. It didn’t seem to bother her and nobody really teased her about it because after all it was Christmas. Who doesn’t like Christmas? Well I guess some of my Jewish friends and some of my Muslim friends wouldn’t but the majority of people would love it.

I think being named after a holiday would be kind of cool. I wish my parents had thought of that if they wanted a name that began with an E they could have named me Easter. That way people would call me the Easter Mabbott. But no, they had to name me Eldon. What were they thinking? What were they smoking?

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3 thoughts on “You Named Me What???

  1. I can’t recall the name of the guy now but in the early 19th Century there was this southern politician who named his son ‘States Rights’…..I’ve trying to figure out what his friends called him for short, if it was the 20th century he could have been ‘SR’ but back in those days?

    I don’t normally peddle my own stuff but on the subject of names a year or so back an unwanted advert appeared on my Yahoo site which set me thinking:
    I couldn’t have done it without the legendary Bob Newhart.

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