3 thoughts on “Lock The Doors!!!

  1. Funny story about that … we DO lock our doors at night, but not so much during the daytime when we are in and out multiple times in a day. One day last year, a strange man walked in the front door … I was struggling to get a sound to come out of my mouth, and my granddaughter’s eyes were popping out of her head, while the man stood there, looked around, looked at me and said, “You’re not my daughter.” Nope, I’m older than he was, likely, and it turned out he just had the wrong door. This is a row of attached townhomes that all look exactly alike, so it’s an easy mistake to make. My cat used to often get the wrong house! But seriously, yes, we should keep our doors locked and take reasonable precautions, but y’know … we cannot live in fear, either, for doing so keeps us from living life.

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  2. It’s a nice idea not to lock your doors. And maybe the folk in your town are all nice. That doesn’t stop nosey critters looking for snacks or a cosy lie down from ambling in.
    OK in the UK it’s usually one of the neighbour cats, but, say, in rural USA how do you convince a large brown bear you’d like to use the sofa? Or do you just offer them a coffee and biscuits?


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