What Are You, Nuts? I Can’t Pay It Back!!!!

I love the new American Express commercial where a young woman gets the card and goes nuts, buying everything she wants. They don’t tell you that you have to pay it back and she’ll be homeless when it comes time to pay the rent. 

Most of us have done it especially when it is our first credit card. I think the commercials on TV are very bad. They show people getting cash back But never warn you about maxing out your cards. I think the term shopaholic is really accurate. Some people cannot control themselves. In fact, it is definitely one side effect of being bipolar.

How do I know? Because I was married to someone who was a shopaholic. I’m pretty sure that she is also bipolar but has not received treatment so the problem still exists. It’s very difficult to keep any money at all when you’re married to someone like that. In fact, just like in my case, I doubt if the marriage will last. Money stress is just too much.

if you own a business, it makes sense to pay for everything on a credit card that does give you cash back. In fact, it would work for almost everyone who uses it and then pays the balance every month. Some people trick selves into getting a card just for “emergencies”. We all know how that ends. That thing will be maxed out before you know it. Ooh, I need to go I just saw a commercial for a credit card that will give me frequent flyer miles. I could use a card like that.

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2 thoughts on “What Are You, Nuts? I Can’t Pay It Back!!!!

  1. Yes, been there with a credit card.
    These days unless it’s been used for a specific convivence (paying for a holiday) and we will be paying it off from other funds (holiday savings), I get nervous if the thing edges over £100/$150.
    There is always a reckoning….

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