I Hate Ping Pong!

I was never really any good at ping-pong. I did OK, but just like when I try to play tennis, I just can’t come up with a good serve. some people can slam a pong ball really hard. The last time I played I got hit in the forehead and was in a coma for six months.

Now I play my own version of ping-pong but the problem is the bathtub is the table tennis table and my head is the ping pong ball. I’m not kidding. A couple of weeks ago I was heading in the bathroom to take a shower and I became so dizzy then I started walking only to the right, picking up momentum as I went.

I ended up becoming wedged between the commode and the bathtub. Mind you there is not enough room for an adult (especially for a chubby

Mind you, they’re just simply isn’t enough room between the commode and the bathtub (especially for a chubby guy like me) so I became stuck. Really stuck. I couldn’t get out. I tried for what seemed like an eternity to get up but I finally ran out of energy from straining to try to get up.

I finally tried one last time with all of my might. Remember all the stories that we’ve heard about a person having enough adrenaline in an emergency situation to lift something as heavy as an automobile to save someone’s life?Yeah it was kind of like that. That last push with everything I have left got me out. I hit my head multiple times, hurt my neck and my knee. So now I have decided on a solution. I’m going to install a Nerf bathtub.

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