Do What Again???

I have a tradition and today is the day! Every year on November 6, I put on my tap dance shoes and go crazy. At least that’s what the police claim after my neighbor called them to do a welfare check. Ridiculous. I’m not even on welfare.

I’m always impressed by people who can really do a great tap dance but I’m very curious how the whole thing got started. Who was the first person who decided to put metal on the bottom of their shoes and create a dance out of it? I think that person, even though it turned out to be a wonderful part of show business, had to be out of their mind.

When I was in the Air Force the training instructors all wore steel on their boots. I wonder if they would ever sneak out and secretly trap dance? Why have the taps if you never use them?

I think that if I ever became a training/drill instructor, I would perform for my troops. How cool would that be? Everybody seemed to hate those guys but they’re only human. They are entitled to tap dance if they want to. If their secret ever got out, they would be the laughingstock of all of the other sergeants. They might even be locked up for being insane.

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