Avoid It Like The Plague!!!

I feel completely responsible for the plague. Yes the black plague. Now that we know what time travel is possible after so many movies have proved it, I could’ve gone back in time and killed the source of the plague just as it was beginning. Curse you Doc Brown!

Wait a minute! There’s still time! If we’ve learned anything from movies and TV plus books it’s that time travel is absolutely possible. Movies like back to the future, the time machine, Well, let’s just say there have been a lot of them. What I need to do is start stalking Christopher Lloyd. That dude, along with his flux capacitor will get me where I need to go.

I think it’s hilarious when people say things like “avoid it like the plague“. In my entire lifetime I’ve never met anyone who has had the plague. Now I realize that may be misleading because people who hadn’t had probably passed on by now. Still, I think it would have been in the news.

Who can know for sure? All I know to be absolutely true is that Tiger Woods is terrible in love but amazing on the golf course.

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