New TV Show!!!

Yesterday I pitched a new TV show to the folks at NBC. They were very intrigued because they kept looking at each other. My idea is to have six 20 somethings who live in two apartments right across from each other. Each would be quirky in their own lovable way. They went for it because that used showbiz lingo when they said it was already in the can.

Finally!! It only took me 63 years to finally get a network behind my idea. That’s a long time to wait. I honestly never thought it would happen. I’ve told all of my friends and family and they looked at me just like the network people. That’s why I know it’s going to be successful, because it seems like everybody loves the concept.

Oh they’ll do wacky things, sometimes get mad at each other but they never stay that way. One could be a really OCD person, one really ditzy person, Another one that is constantly exploring the mysteries of life, with seemingly great success.

Oh, and one of the guys lives on his own and he would be kind of a geek. They get together and break up all the time, but ultimately remain very close friends.

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