Leave Your Ego At The Door!!!

Recently, someone told me to check my ego at the door. Now I can’t remember where I checked it. Is it possible for someone to steal it?

It’s awful being without my ego. I’m unable to brag, judge others and act as though I’m superior to everyone around me! How will I ever get by? I should be able to find it fairly easy because it’s so huge. many tell me just just remembered that it’s too big and I need therapy. Wait! I just remembered. It’s in her office.

I promise to be more humble after I get it back. The real question for me is where does it go? I mean, where in the body does the ego reside? I’ve heard that it is in part of the brain and also I’ve heard that it is in the heart. Looks like I’ll have to have brain surgery or open-heart surgery once I have it back.

Of course once it’s back it will be the best ego in the world. What do I have to brag about? Well today I broke my all-time record for days alive, for starters. I can’t really brag about that though without that stupid ego. What is an egomaniac supposed to do?

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