Beautiful Sunrise??? Bleh!

Whenever I see a beautiful sunrise I think,’What’s the big deal?’ I’ve seen thousands of them and there’s gonna be another one tomorrow. In fact since I’ve been alive the sun has risen approximately 23,107 times. I say approximately because I spent a little time in Alaska and in Calgary, Alberta where the sun didn’t rise or set so 23,031, give or take. I’ve seen the sunrise more times than all of the Pillsbury biscuits combined.

OK, I’m not really sure about the biscuit count but I do know it’s been an awful long time. I’ll grant you that some of the sunsets and sunrises are absolutely stunning, but most of them are pretty much the same. Sometimes it’s so overcast that you can’t see the sun. In fact since these records have been kept, there have only been five sunrises spotted In Seattle.

The most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen was at the top of Mount Haleakala in Maui. It was freezing cold but watching the sunrise from the top of a volcano is pretty cool. In fact it was so cold I was tempted to dive into the volcano’s lava just to get warm. Most sunrises and sunsets at particular beaches around the world are pretty amazing also. But what about in Russia? It’s so cold there that when they see the sunrise their instant thought is where’s the vodka?

And then there is Afghanistan. Always seen on the news are just rocks and rubble. I think if I were there I would prefer that it stayed dark all day but the problem is I would keep stumbling over the rocks. Not that I need darkness to stumble over things. I have fallen more than my aunt Helen’s soufflés. And when I fall something always breaks. Usually it’s the door the floor or something else that I hit when I fell but still….

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