Man, Am I Old Or What?

For anyone over 50 I’m sure we all remember the time when we felt that we were invincible. I know I did. The only thing that slowed me down was a tonsillectomy. Up until I turned 51, I thought sciatica was an Al Pacino movie.

I think it’s always interesting to learn about different body parts but I’m not sure having them taken out is the way I pictured learning about them. Let’s face it, we’re old. A young person can go to the doctor and say hey “Doc, I have this pain in my side.” The doctor will give him a prescription and send him on his way.

You and I can go to the very same doctor with the very same problem and he’ll take a look and say , “Oh, that’s got to come out!” Why? I think it’s sort of like taking your car to the dealer service department. They pull out a book and they look at how long something should last and then they tell you to replace it but most of the time there’s still a lot of mileage left on those units.

Or just let me go through the Black market catalog and order new parts. That wouldn’t be so bad. We have to have that thing removed anyway so they might as well replace it while they’re in there. In fact they could change the name from the black market to the unauthorized refurbished body parts.

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4 thoughts on “Man, Am I Old Or What?

      1. Yeah I feel like I am being herded….
        Oh well, maybe they are right.
        It would be fun to get to be 100, because then you can say what you like and instead of being offended everyone chuckles and say ‘What a character eh?’

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