Mama Says Stupid Is As Stupid Does…

I got called over once to deal with a customer who was very upset because the information on the price tag did not meet the information in the ad. He was screaming and yelling about it. I finally told the fool that yes, there had been an error, But the actual computer had better specs than the one in the ad. He kept screaming that he was getting ripped off and finally left the store. Stupid is, as stupid does.

As my comedy career was winding down I went back to work for circuit city, but this time as a store director. There, I encountered two of the stupidest people ever to walk the face of the earth. One of them is the one I just talked about in the previous paragraph but the other one absolutely takes the cake. I’m not sure what takes the cake means, but by any means, he took it.

The man had purchased a television with Directv as his provider. There were all kinds of discounts on the TV itself and a pretty hefty rebate on DIRECTV. So I wrote all the numbers down and gave them to him over the phone because we owed him some additional money. Prior to the call we thought that he owed us more money. So he made the trek down to the store.

In the meantime I recalculated everything in the sale and discovered that we actually owed him $80. I was really looking forward to giving him this wonderful news. So the guy gets to the store and I showed him the new calculation and he went nuts. Screaming and yelling at me that the paper that he had with the numbers on it were correct and he owed us $250. I couldn’t get him to realize that we were giving him $80. Finally, I said to him “if someone were to walk up to you and say here, it’s $80 and I want you to have it, would you except it? “He said of course,” and then the light went on. He took the money and ran.

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3 thoughts on “Mama Says Stupid Is As Stupid Does…

  1. Yep!
    Sounds familiar. A lot of my tales are to do with public service and when you repeat them some of the professional moaners will say ‘Huh! That’s what they think of us,’ and ramble on about The State and somehow get onto the subject of civil liberties (never fails).
    My younger daughter who has done long service in record stores had a familiar one. Often someone would come in and ask:
    ‘Have you got that tune off the programme of Channel (Whatever). It was on at 8pm and went ‘dah-dah-dum-dum-dah-dah’. You know the one?’
    People. Ya gotta love ’em…

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