Rant Or Explode!!!

When I was growing up in Eureka California there was a beautiful hotel called the Eureka Inn. The rooms were pretty expensive and the meals at the restaurant we’re also expensive. My mom and dad took me there after graduation. What a difference 40 years can make. I was particularly disturbed while in the restaurant when I asked for French dip and they sent out the chef.

The place is an historical landmark you would think would be preserved. Not so. The first room they gave us was in the middle of restoration. Not a very good start. When I went down to the counter the manager was, Let’s just say more than unpleasant. No sorry about that, nothing. I would think a guest who goes through that should get some sort of accommodation.

So they gave us another room and the electricity in the other room didn’t work so Heather had to create a makeshift vanity just to do her hair. Keep in mind, this is not an inexpensive hotel. However, Heather wanted to stay to avoid confrontation. So I went downstairs to get some coffee and a couple of danish. So I am carrying 2 cups of very hot coffee I had a seizure, And the coffee went everywhere. No medical attention as I spilled the other 2 cups of coffee and her only response was that’s OK they clean it up.

When I finally got to the room I began to have another seizure but fortunately there was an actual very kind hearted woman standing there and asked me if I needed help. I said yes please and she opened the door. Someone actually cared. I Threw a fit downstairs and we were able to get right in to the red lion very early thanks to Heather. Live and learn, don’t stay at Old hotels.

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